SC 321 Anatomy and Physiology

Study Guide for Exam 1



Recommended Review: Go to this link and do the Online Quizzes and Labeling Exercises for Chapters 1 through 5

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You are responsible for the following information from Chapters 1 - 4

Chapter 1

Anatomy and Physiology (p. 2)

Organization of Body Parts (p. 2)

Anatomical Terms (p. 3)

Organ Systems (p. 9)

Homeostasis (p. 12)

Chapter 2


Elements and Atoms (p. 17)

Molecules and Compounds (p. 18)

Some Important Inorganic Molecules (p. 20)

Some Important Organic Molecules (p. 23)

Chapter 3


The Plasma Membrane (p. 34)

The Nucleus (p. 35)

The Cytoplasm (p. 36)

Plasma Membrane Transport (p. 39)

Cell Division (p. 42)

Chapter 4


Body Tissues (p. 49)

Body Membranes (p. 59)

Chapter 5

Structure of the Skin (p. 63)

Accessory Structures of the Skin (p. 65)

Functions of the Skin (p. 67)

Disorders of the Skin (p. 68)

Effects of Aging (p. 73)