Management Information Systems


MG 351


Instructor: Prof. Judy Hansen-Childers

Office: Room 120-A

Office Phone: 859-1335

Office Hours:

M, F - 9 AM to 10 AM

Monday -  1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Tu, Th – 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Home Phone: 582-7632


Snow Phone / Cancellation Line: 859-1140

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays - From 9:20 AM to 10:35 in Room 126.


Ct:case - by Ellen F. Monk and Joseph A. Brady  (This is an online case and groupwork forum.  A disk with your required password can be purchased in the bookstore).

COURSE DESCRIPTION and OBJECTIVES: Prerequisites: CS 115 and MG 224.

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the concepts of management information systems in public as well as private workplaces. From micro-computer based applications, through shared-resource networks, to large-scale, integrated distributed systems, the student discovers why, what, and how systems are justified, acquired and developed. Through the use of cases and projects, emphasis is placed on the impact these systems have on the organization.



Each week students will have assigned readings from the Internet or handouts. Throughout the semester, students  will also have written assignments, projects and case analyses to prepare. Students will be required to write and present a major research paper on a MIS topic of their choice (with instructor approval) PLEASE TYPE ALL PAPERS !

Case Analysis Outline:



A (94 - 100) A- (90 - 93) B+ (87 - 89) B (83 - 86) B- (80 - 82)

C+ (77 - 79) C (73 - 76) C- (70 - 72) D+ (67 - 69) D (63 - 66)

D- (60 - 62) F (below 60)



Class Participation……………………………………….….. 25%

Written Assignments & Case Studies……………………… 25%

Ct:case -Group Projects……………………….……………. 25%

Research Paper and Presentation………………………….. 25%



Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to be prepared to either discuss the assigned readings or engage in class projects. If a student must miss a class session, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange other ways of obtaining the information covered in class. Please notify the instructor in advance if you have to miss a class. Students with excessive absences may not receive a passing grade.



Students who plagiarize papers and projects or cheat on exams will receive zeros for the work in question.


SYLLABUS ALERT!! This is a dynamic document. Since this is a rapidly changing field, I often run across something interesting during the course and add it on. J


Important Links

ct:case website


Papers and Presentation Guidelines 

Thomas College Homepage





Thurs, 1/11

Course Overview; Introduction to Information Systems in Business





Tues, 1/16

Fundamentals of Information Systems

Thurs, 1/18




Tues, 1/23

Solving Business Problems with Information Systems

Thurs, 1/25




Tues, 1/31

Managerial Overview: Computer Hardware

Thurs, 2/1




Tues, 2/6

Managerial Overview: Computer Software

Thurs, 2/8




Tues, 2/13

Managerial Overview: Telecommunications

Thurs, 2/15


Vacation !!

Winter Vacation 2/19 – 2/23

Tues, 2/27

Managerial Overview: Database Management

Thurs, 3/1

Ctcase: MIS 9 and MIS 11



Tues, 3/6

The Internet and Electronic Commerce

Thurs, 3/8

Ctcase: MIS 7 and MIS 15



Tues, 3/13

Information Systems for Business Operations

Thurs, 3/15

Ctcase: MIS 17



Tues, 3/20

Information Systems for Managerial Decision Support

Thurs, 3/22

Ctcase: MIS 2, MIS 3 and MIS 19



Tues, 3/27

Information Systems for Strategic Advantage

Thurs, 3/29


Vacation !!

Spring Vacation 4/2 - 4/6

Tues, 4/10

Ethical Issues in Information Systems

Thurs, 4/12

Ctcase: MIS 12



Tues, 4/17

Managing Information Technology

Thurs, 4/19




Tues, 4/24


Thurs, 4/26




Tues, 5/1

Thurs, 5/3

Paper Presentations

Week of May 7th

Paper Presentations

    Final Class - Week of May 3 - TBA

This syllabus may be changed at the discretion of the instructor

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