Emerging Technologies

CT 566 

Paper # 1

DUE Monday, July 28th



Choose two from of the following technologies that we’ve discussed (or will discuss) online:

·       Video Manipulation Technology

·       Privacy and Security Issues

·       Space Tourism

·       Satellite Technologies

·        Intelligent Toys

·       Speech Recognition

·       Cellular and Personal Communication Systems

·       Robotics

·       Virtual Reality

·       Artificial Intelligence

·       Cloning

·       Genome Project

·       Cable Modem Systems and Technology




AND develop an essay on each topic by addressing the following questions:


1.     All technology can be described as a “two-edged sword” in that it provides both advantages and disadvantages.  Society reaps benefits from every technology developed – but also pays a price.  For example: Industrialization provided jobs, growth and a higher standard of living. However, it also created pollution and poverty.  How is your technology a “two-edged sword?”


2.     What has driven the development of your technology?  Scientists? Consumers? Military? Government? Academia? Who?


3.     Look into your “crystal ball” and describe what you foresee to be the future impact of your technology.