Introduction to the Internet and the WWW


A:  The Internet


1.      The World Wide Web


2.      The Internet is Evolving


3.      What is the Internet?


4.      Internet Traffic Report


B: Regulation of the Internet



1.      Electronic Freedom Foundation


2.   Internet Law and Regulation



C: Internet Statistics


1.      Http://


2.      ClickZ Internet Statistics


3.      Global Internet Statistics by Language



D: Chat / Voice / IM






  1.    (go to Net Phone)


  1. Instant Messaging




E:  Information Sources on the Web


1.  Search Engines


2.  Meta-search tools  ( Dogpile,  Metacrawler, Vivisimo)


3.  Virtual Directories (Yahoo!, About)


4.  Virtual Libraries (Internet Public Library, )


5.  Library Catalogs Available on the World Wide Web  (The Library Index, Libweb)


6.   Discussion Groups


7.   Usenet Newsgroups