CS 199  Student Questionnaire

Please answer all the questions on this form. When a question contains checkbox responses, check off as many as you want.

Note: This information will help the instructor better understand this class as a whole, and get to know you a little bit too. All the information you provide here is confidential. Thank you for taking the time to fill this form out.


Your Name (first-name    middle-initial    last-name)




Your Preferred E-mail Address




Your Major or Expected Major




Expected graduation year:





1] I have some some experience with:
(check more than one as needed)

a PC running Windows 3.xx
a PC runnning Windows 95 or 98
a PC runnning Windows NT, 2000, or XP
a PC runnning Windows ME
Macintosh computers
UNIX / Linux


2] When it comes to computers, I would characterize myself as:
(check more than one as needed)

comfortable and confident
good enough with things I know - nervous with new things
largely clueless but willing to try
hopeless - a total basket case


[3] Before this semester I was using:
(check more than one as needed)

a personal PC computer at home
a personal Macintosh/G3/iMac computer at home 
Internet access at Thomas College
Internet access through a commercial service provider
Internet access not described above


[4] Prior to this semester, I was using and felt comfortable with the following software:
(check more than one as needed)

a Netscape Web browser (any version)
a Netscape mail program (any version)
a Netscape news reader (any version)
a Netscape HTML editor (any version)
Internet Explorer's Web browser (any version)
Internet Explorer's mail program (any version)
Internet Explorer's news reader (any version)
a free mail service (e.g. Hotmail or NetCenter)
Microsoft Word
the Emacs text editor 
Eudora (either Light or Pro versions)
Pine mail
Elm mail
Gold mail
Pegasus mail
the lynx Web browser
FTP on a PC
Fetch on a Mac
a web page construction tool (e.g. PageMaker)


[5] . Have you ever done any computer programming? If so, please describe which languages and the nature of your background.







[6] Do you have a working computer in your room or at home right now? If so, please describe it and any peripherals it has (modem, printer, scanner, zip/jazz drive, etc)






[7] Are you currently trying to get a personal computer connected to the Thomas College network via IT Services? If yes, how is that going?





[8]I am interested in this course because I want to be able to:
(check more than one as needed)

research a variety of topics on the net
download free software from the net
use the net to find a job someday
run a small business that exploits the net
join a virtual community
understand what the net is good for
feel like I know my way around the net
have some fun in my spare time


[9]I expect the net to become a part of my life because:
(check more than one as needed)

I like to be where the action is, plus it's fun
I know online resources will be valuable for my work
I want access to online resources for my personal benefit
It just seems to be an unavoidable fixture of the future
Whoa - I'm not so sure it's going to be a part of my life



[10] I would characterize my attitude toward this course as:
(check more than one as needed)

excited and enthusiastic
excited and enthusiastic but a little nervous
very nervous about learning new computer skills
concerned about how much time I'll be spending on all this
confident that this is a valuable time investment
curious to see if this is a worthwhile time investment
frankly skeptical about this time investment



[11] Tell me a little about your interests and future plans. Do you have any idea what you want to do when you graduate?