1.     Go to the link Topics for Research

2.     Choose a topic that you’d like to research online

3.     Check out the information in the following sources:

·        3 search engines

·        1 virtual library

·        1 directory

4.     Make a list of the 5 sources including the Information Source and the address (type)

5.     Write a 1 page, double-spaced report on the topic you researched. Insert a heading at the top of the page and set your margins to the following: Top – 1.50”, Bottom – 1.50”, Left – 1.25”, Right – 1.25”

6.     Create a cover page that includes: the topic of the paper, your name, date, course number, professor’s name, and a graphic illustrating the topic of your paper. All of this should be centered.

7.     The final product that you turn in should include the following:

·        Cover page

·        1 page report

·        List of 5 sources

8.     All should be typed. Use your Office XP book and its section on Word XP as a reference and guide. The project will be much easier if you have read the assigned section in the XP book on Word for this week.