Finding Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Maps



A: Finding Individuals and Businesses:


1.      Netscape White Pages

2.      Info Space

3.      WhoWhere?

4.      Flip’s Search Resources

5.      Finding Email addresses

6.      Search.Com

7.      Yahoo! Reference: Email Addresses



B:  Maps:


1.      Eartha Maps

2.      MapBlast!

3.      Maps – All the World’s Maps

4.      Map Quest

5.      Maps at Library

6.      Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection



Searching Email Discussion Group Archives and Usenet Newsgroup Archives




A: List for learning how to use an email discussion group:



B: Locating Discussion Groups About Specific Topics:


1.      New List Announcements

2.      CataList

3.      Tile.Net


C: Sources of Information About Discussion Groups on the Internet:


1.      Discussion Lists: Mailing List Manager Commands   (send message:  get mailser cmd nettrain)

2.      Internet and Networking; Internet Mailing List Guide and Resources






A: Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies


B: Newsreaders


1.      Netscape and IE have their own built in newsreaders

2.      Free Agent

3.      Xnews


C: A Primer on How to Work with The Usenet Community


D: Searching For Newsgroups:


1.      Harley Hahn’s Master List of Newsgroups

2.      Tile.Net/News


E: Sources of Information About Usenet News on the Web


1.      news.announce.newusers

2.      news.answers

3.      news.newusers.questions

4.      Chapter 5 Usenet

5.      Usenet Info Center Launch Pad