CS 115: Quiz # 4





You have now learned the basics of how to use Access.  To demonstrate what you have learned on this quiz, you will need to download the following file:




Right-click the file name and choose "Save target as."  Then save the file to your own X drive location.


For each question below, follow the instructions and print out the result to hand in.


1. A. Split the one table in story.mdb into two tables as appropriate (normalization).

    B. In each table show only the necessary columns.

    C. Rearrange the columns as appropriate (adjust widths, too).

    D. Print.


2. Devise and print a form to show the story data record by record.


3. Generate and print a report listing the stories.


4. Devise a Query to list only the stories that were reprinted in books published after 1980. Show story title and author, book title and author or editor, book publisher, and book publication date.  Print the results.


5. Implement a validation rule that says a story must have a first appearance date.  Print the result.


6. Make the default value for StoryFirstAppearanceMagazine "Unknown." Print the result.


17. Print the second table you created showing subdatasheets.