Search Engines

(and how to use them)


1.       Search Engine Databases

a.       Indexing

b.       When to use


2.       Common Search Features

a.       Boolean Operators (and, or, not, nested)

b.       Implied Boolean Operators

c.        Phrase Searching

d.       Proximity Searching

e.        Truncation

f.          Wildcards

g.        Field Searching

h.       Language Searching

i.          Case Sensitivity

j.          Modification of Search Results

k.       Limiting by date


3.       Common Output Features

a.       Results Ranking

b.       Annotations or Summaries

c.        Results per page

d.       Sorting Results

e.        Meta-tag Support



4.       The 10 Steps to a Basic Search

      Identify important concepts of your search.

      Choose keywords.

      Find synonyms, related terms, etc.

      Determine search features.

      Choose a search engine.

      Read search instructions

      Create a search expression

      Evaluate the results

      Modify your search, if needed

      Try the same search on a different search engine


5.       Search Engine Databases

      All the Web