Microsoft Outlook XP






Identify and know the function of the following in Outlook:

        Outlook shortcut bar

        Standard toolbar

        Folder banner


Identify the following in Calendar view:

        Date navigator

        Appointment area

        Task pad


Be able to do the following tasks in Calendar view:

        Enter appointments in the appointment area and appointment window

        Enter recurring appointments

        Use natural language phrases to enter appointment dates and times

        Delete an appointment

        Move an appointment to a new date or time or month

        Create an event

        Display the Calendar in week and month views

        Create a Task using Taskpad

        Print calendars


Be able to do the following tasks in Contact View:

        Create a Contact List

        Find a contact

        Organize your contacts

        Print the contact list


Be able to do the following in Inbox View:

        Send an email message with an attachment

        Send an email using Stationary

        Answer and forward an email message

        Sort by sender, subject, or when received

        Search for a message

        Manage your mailbox by deleting Sent Items and the Deleted Items folder

        Using Preview view