Citing Web and Internet Resources

·       Copying, Paraphrasing, and Citing


·       MLA (Modern Language Association) vs. APA (American Psychological Association)



·       MLA: Web Page

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·       APA: Web Page

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·       MLA: Web Page part of a larger work

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·       APA: Web Page part of a larger work

Bales, J (2002 January 25). MWP: Willie Morris (1934-1999). In Mississippi Writers Page. Retrieved February 3, 2002 from the University of Mississippi Web site:


·       MLA: Personal Email

Ackermann, Ernest. “Working on Post-Tenure Review.” Email to the author. 31 Jan. 2001.


·       APA: Personal Email

Ackermann, Ernest (personal communication, Jan. 31, 2001) stated that the post-tenure review process could be streamlined by using departmental guidelines.