Outlook XP



Due: Section E – Monday, September 16th

           Section N – Tuesday, September 17th



1.     Schedule all you classes as recurring appointments, show times as busy and create a reminder

2.     Delete the instances where there are no classes due to a holiday

3.     Schedule a meeting with me when we are both free

4.     Print a monthly view of your calendar for the month of September and print a 5-day weekly view for next week

5.     Put 5 peoples’ birthdays on the calendar as events

6.     Create a yellow sticky note that says, “CS 115 Homework due the first class next week.”

7.     Create a contacts list with 5 people you know

8.     Print the contact list

9.     Create a 1 paragraph statement in MS Word about something you did this past summer and email it to me as an attachment.