Presentations begin on Wednesday!

Please send the file name of your homepage.

See the list below (if you're not on the list, you need to schedule one ASAP)

Weds the 23rd

Ryan Buttice, Jess Hamlin, Will Nickerson


Monday the 28th

Devon Wilkins, Chris Smith, Ryan Plante, Adam Berry


Weds the 30th

“Kim Colwell”, Laura Soule, Tracy O'Clair, Darcy Thomas, Ryan O’Connor


Friday the 2nd of May

Lisa Pacheco, Heather Leblond, Rufen Liao, Bethany Murphy, Missy Wildes, Jon Cary



Weds the 7th of May

April O'Neill, Heather Inman, Jeff Brown, Shonna Grant, Justin McMann, Jen Shelley, “Matt Gagnon”, Alesia Dalton