E-Mail Administration

CM 220

Final Academic Exercise


Instructions: Please answer the questions below and deliver or email them to me by Thursday, November 20th.


1.    How would you set up your TC email account to send a copy of email that you receive to your email account at home?



2.    How can you have an event show up more than once on your ‘Calendar’ without manually entering it each time?


3.    What do you need for two sites to be able to replicate directory information?


4.    How can an Administrator limit a recipient’s mailbox? Describe.


5.    Can Moe assign a permission that gives Bill the right to read mail in his mailbox and send messages on his behalf? How?


6.    Is a trust relationship required to use a Site Connector?


7.    What software must you have installed BEFORE you install Exchange 2000 Server?


8.    When we installed Exchange 2000 Server, what 6 changes did it make to Windows 2000 Server?


9.    What is the difference between a ‘forest’, ‘domain’, and a ‘tree’?


10.What are the limitations of Web Access Outlook?


11.How would you perform a complete disaster recovery for Exchange 2000 Server?


12.Describe how you would configure a USER object for Instant Messaging.


13.You have been hired by Company XYZ to create a messaging solution for them. What information would you need to gather in order to design a solution?


14.Choose two management tools for Exchange 2000 Server and describe how they would help you manage your server.


15.Who may create a Public Folder? How? Who can manage a Public Folder?