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This evaluation is to provide faculty and administration with feedback about the course you are completing. If this is a mid-term evaluation, faculty will see the results before the end of the term. If this is an end-of-term evaluation, faculty will receive these evaluations after they turn in the trimester's grades. If you provide your name (see above) a copy of this evaluation will be placed in the instructor's personal folder.

After each of the first 20 statements below, please fill in the blank with a number between 1 (Strongly Disagree) and 5 (Strongly Agree) or NA (for Not Applicable). Choose the response that best expresses your response to each statement.

The 7 questions at the end of this form will require longer responses, if you choose to provide them.

1. The instructor is prepared for each class:

2. The instructor explains concepts clearly:

3. The instructor uses examples, cases, problems, models, or other materials to demonstrate theory:

4. The instructor uses effective teaching methods to convey the subject matter:

5. The instructor is knowledgeable of the subject matter:

6. The instructor stimulates student thought in the subject matter:

7. Through class activities or assignments, the instructor involves students in the learning process:

8. The instructor's presentation of the subject is organized:

9. The instructor's grading system and other expectations are clear:

10. The instructor grades fairly:

11. The instructor is willing to help students:

12. Assignments are clear:

13. Assignments are valuable in helping students understand the subject:

14. The course deepens student understanding of the subject:

15. Class and online time was spent well in regard to improving student understanding of the subject:

16. The major topics listed on the syllabus were covered in class:

17. The instructor was accessible outside scheduled online or classroom meeting times:

18. The course made appropriate use of the online technology:

19. The technology was well suited to the requirements of the course:

20. The textbook(s) were appropriate for the course:

A. What aspects of this course would you retain and why?

B. What aspects of this course would you change and why?

C. What are the instructor's strengths?

D. What are the instructor's weaknesses?

E. What are the strengths of the online class format?

F. What are the weaknesses of the online class format?

G. Other Comments?