Compiled by

Thomas A. Easton
Box 2724, RFD
Belfast, ME 04915


In the summer of 1992, I surveyed the fragmentary material I had on my family history. It included a February 3, 1987, letter to my father from his cousin Elinor, saying, "I think about all the information we have on the Eastons came from your mother, and then to Daddy [Arthur W.]. Way back in school days Laurie [Elinor's daughter] was required to investigate her family history, and how thankful I am that this occurred! As a result, Daddy looked farther into his history and apparently Mother consulted your mother, who wrote an invaluable letter.... Daddy typed the history, and Mother added what little she knew of her family history. As I said before, someday I hope to organize all the bits and pieces of history which I have collected. I never seem to find the time for such a large task, but hope to one of these days...."

Another letter was dated "Marmora June 18, 1944," and addressed to "Cousin Helen" from "Cousins Will & Mabel." This one gave information on my grandmother Helen Cross Easton's Merriam forebears, quoted wills of the earliest Merriams, referred to Joseph Merriam as grandfather, and called his daughter Annie "your grandmother."

On my mother's side, someone had recorded marriages, children, and deaths on pages added to a copy of Ruth Hazelwood Auber's compilation of "The Ancestry and Descendants of John Chase." Altogether, I thought, I had a fine start. And since both sides of the family had been in Maine for several generations, I wondered whether the town library might contain a little more.

As it happened, the town library had a number of the standard genealogical references for the state and region. Almost immediately, I knew that "little" was not at all the word for what I had stumbled upon. Then the librarian steered me toward the state library, where there was much more material. And then there was that ancient genealogist I met beside the bookshelves, who assured me, "You've got a fascinating life ahead of you! Genealogy is addictive!" I soon learned how right she was.

Perhaps naively, I also found remarkable the way digging into my family history produced an ever-growing sense that history of the larger kind, the history of peoples and nations and textbooks, matters. That history was the doings of our forefathers and foremothers, and it shaped the world in which we live today. It is thus not too much to say that our family history helps to define our place in the world.

I have found it very satisfying to learn of my connections to the past. I hope that my daughter Joellen will feel the same way as she grows older.

I wish to thank here the many people I met on-line, who provided many bits of essential information. Marilyn R. Fitzpatrick of the Essex Society of Genealogists' Research Committee in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was invaluable as I learned my way around. The Maine State Library in Augusta also deserves thanks. Without such resources, my work would not have been possible.

Thomas A. Easton
Belfast, Maine


1. John EASTON was born in Scotland, according to Arthur Easton. He may have been the John b. 1770, son of George Easton who married Elizabeth Young; this George's family came from Antrim County in Ireland about 1644 and settled in Lanarkshire, Scotland, according to a letter from Janet Gosior of Edmonton. That emigration from Ireland followed the 1641 massacre of 30,000 Protestants in Ulster (Belfast, Antrim, etc.). The Easton family may thus be of Irish origin; however, in the time of Elizabeth I, England settled Scottish Presbyterians in Ulster; if that group included an Easton, the family may have been of Scots origin and the move from Antrim to Lanarkshire may have been a matter of returning homeward. Note that Eastons did remain in Ulster: George, b. c. 1794, Co. Antrim, Ireland, d. there c. 1862, had Samuel b. c. 1819 in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, d. 1886 Co. Antrim; Samuel had Elizabeth b. c. 1842 Carrickfergus, m. James Dempsey, b. 1838 Co. Antrim, and removed to Ayrshire, Scotland. George also had a son James Thompson Easton b. 1819 in Donegore, Co. Antrim, baptized 4 Aug 1819 in Presbyterian Church, Donegore.

John EASTON's wife is not known. Children, as reported by Arthur W. Easton:

  +2 i. John EASTON.
  3 ii. William EASTON, no children.
  4 iii. Robert EASTON, drowned as a young man.
  5 iv. Naomi EASTON, died young.


2. John EASTON, blacksmith, b. 11 May 1799 in Greenock, Scotland, d. 26 Nov 1879 (GS) in Lincolnville, ME (in town records as John EATON), buried in the Mountain Street Cemetery, Camden, ME (GS). (Data from census, Lincolnville records, Arthur Easton ms.) He married Elizabeth STINSON on 25 May 1821 in St. Andrews, NB. The daughter of James STINSON (son of James, a Penobscot Loyalist, and Margaret STUARD, both of Georgetown, ME), she was born on 9 Apr 1805 in St. Andrews, NB, and died on 2 Aug 1865 in Lincolnville, ME; buried Mountain Street Cemetery in Camden, ME. Children:

  +6 i. John EASTON.
  +7 ii. Agnes A. EASTON.
  +8 iii. Jane Wiley EASTON.
  +9 iv. Henrietta EASTON.
  10 v. George W. EASTON, b. 20 Jun 1830, d. 3 Apr 1860 in Lincolnville, ME; bur. Mountain St. Cem., Camden (GS).
  11 vi. Elizabeth A. EASTON, b. 26 Dec 1832, d. 4 Jan 1897, buried Mountain St. Cem., Camden, ME (GS). Her death record says she died single; 1870 census shows her living with her father at that time. Presumably she reared Thomas N. after their mother's death in 1865. [Scurrilous conjecture: Might she not have been Thomas N.'s true mother, with his father a lover lost at sea or run away? (Or even incest.) After all, Eliz. Stinson Easton was 47 in 1852; her fertility is suspect, perhaps especially with the extra long gap between Thomas N. and Emma.]
  +12 vii. Horatio P. EASTON.
  +13 viii. Robert Edwin EASTON.
  +14 ix. Joseph Graffam EASTON.
  +15 x. Emma A. EASTON.
  +16 xi. Thomas Neal EASTON.


6. John EASTON, mariner and anchor smith, b. 17 Jul 1822 in New Brunswick, d. 3 Jan 1901 in Camden (last residence). He was at the Camden anchor works in 1868 and had a house on the Hope Road. He married first Emeline Sarah RICHARDS of Camden on 10 Jul 1845. She was born in 1826 and died on 24 Jul 1886 in Camden, ME. Children:

  17 i. Hanson EASTON, b. 18 May 1848, d. by 1850; not in 1850 census.
  +18 ii. (Charles) Frank E. EASTON.
  +19 iii. Georgia K. EASTON.
  +20 iv. Eveline (Eva) A. EASTON.
  +21 v. Edith J. EASTON.
  +22 vi. Wallace E. EASTON.

John Easton married second Rhoda A. KEMP, born in 1818 in England. She died on 9 Feb 1911 in Belfast, ME, aged 93y 8m 14d. No known children.

According to Arthur W. Easton, all the sons of the immigrant John Easton but Thomas went to sea; several were in the Civil War; "1 son was put ashore with the Captain (possibly Capt. Frohock) & crew on an island by the Alabama & later collected some share of a payment by Great Britain"; "Joseph was reported drowned at sea & another injured at sea."

Not all of Arthur's report has checked out, but in the December 1994 National Geographic there is an article on the CSS Alabama, Confederate raider, and the discovery of its wreckage off Cherbourg, France. The Alabama was commissioned in 1862 and sunk by the USS Kearsarge on June 19, 1864; England paid $15,500,000 in 1872 for destruction of ships and cargoes by the Alabama and other raiders.

The 'son put ashore' was surely John, mariner and anchorsmith. No ship sunk by the Alabama is recorded as having a Captain Frohock, but one Alabama victim--and the only one of those whose crews were put off on islands, that was built & owned in the Penobscot region--was the Amanda of Boston, built in Bangor in 1861 in the Crosby yards, owned by Crosby's and others of Bangor, under Capt. Isaiah Larrabee of Franklin, ME (presumably the Capt. Isaiah Larrabee of Winterport in 1870). En route from Manila to Queenstown (Cobh, Ireland), it was burned by the Alabama 11/6/1863, and the crew was sent ashore at Batavia (Djakarta) on Java.

Some of the compensation money may have been used to dress up the family burial plot in the Mountain Street Cemetery, Camden, ME, which is striking for its lavish use of polished pink granite in an obelisk, two urns, and several scroll-stones. Buried there, according to the names on the obelisk and stones, are John Easton, Elizabeth Stinson, and their children Agnes (with her babies), Elizabeth, George, and Horatio (with his wife Julia).

7. Agnes A. EASTON, b. 18 Nov 1823 in New Brunswick, d. 12 Jan 1851, buried in Mountain Street Cemetery, Camden, ME (GS). She married Asa SARTELL, Jr., on 17 Oct 1845. He was born 17 Jun 1820, died on 3 Sep 1862. Children:

  23 i. Georgeanna SARTELL, b. 27 Jul 1846, d. 7 Apr 1849.
  24 ii. Emma A. SARTELL, b. 20 Jun 1848, d. 26 Jul 1849.

8. Jane Wiley EASTON, b. 18 Nov 1825 in New Brunswick, d. 17 Jun 1888, buried in the Beach Cemetery in Lincolnville, ME. She married Jonathan FROHOCK (son of Thomas FROHOCK and Mary RAY of Lincolnville), b. 8 May 1818, d. 2 Apr 1888, also buried in the Beach Cemetery. He was a fisherman and master seaman. Children:

  +25 i. Ellen Delphia FROHOCK.
  +26 ii. Millard M. FROHOCK.
  +27 iii. Sylvanus Everett FROHOCK.
  28 iv. Horatio E. FROHOCK, b. 1857.
  29 v. Abraham L. FROHOCK, b. 1859.
  30 vi. Blanche O. FROHOCK, b. 1861.
  31 vii. Llewellyn FROHOCK, b. 1864.

9. Henrietta EASTON, b. 6 Dec 1827 in Maine, d. 13 Feb 1909, lived on a farm at the top of a hill in Lincolnville (owned in 1995 by Diane O'Brien), on Rte. 173 about a mile west of Rte. 1. (Robert Edwin Easton (#13) apparently lived down the hill.) She married Jeremiah FROHOCK (son of Thomas FROHOCK and Mary RAY of Lincolnville), on 18 Oct 1845. He was born on 2 May 1823. He was a sailor in the 1850 census, a ship carpenter in 1870, a laborer in 1880, and was mentioned as a sea captain. Children:

  32 i. Albion FROHOCK, b. 1847. He was a seaman.
  +33 ii. Henrietta Amelia FROHOCK.
  34 iii. Carrie FROHOCK, b. 1852.
  35 iv. Amerina P. FROHOCK, b. 1855.
  36 v. Aleatha A. FROHOCK, b. 1857, m. a Crooker.
  +37 vi. Fransina R. FROHOCK.
  +38 vii. Alberta (Albertie) Leola FROHOCK.

12. Horatio P. EASTON, a tin-plate worker, b. 2 Apr 1836 in Belfast, ME, d. 30 Mar 1918 in Somerville, MA, buried in Mountain St. Cem., Camden, ME (GS). In the Civil War, he enlisted at Bangor 9/10/1862, mustered out 7/11/1863; transferred to brigade band, played a long-belled baritone-like horn shown in photo supplied to Annie Witham Easton in 1940 by Bertha Leah Cross of Franklin, NH, referring to 'Uncle Rache.' He had a sheet-metal shop in Portland in the 1880s, removed to Somerville, MA.

He married a brewer's widow, Julia A. Chase MANSFIELD, who survived him. She is buried in Mountain St. Cem., Camden, ME (GS). She may have been kin to Valentine and Catherine Chase Mansfield who lived in Camden next door to the rooming house where Horatio resided in the 1860 census. No known children.

13. Robert Edwin EASTON, a sailor, b. 8 May 1839, d. 7 Oct 1909 in Rockland, ME, buried in the Beach Cemetery in Lincolnville, ME. In the Civil War, he was a substitute for Julius Wells of Brooklin, ME; enlisted 1 Oct 1863, transferred to navy 4/15/1864; res. Lincolnville. He married Priscilla WADE (daughter of John WADE) on 29 Jun 1862. She was born in 1842 and died on 13 Nov 1932. Child:

  +39 i. Wallace Edwin EASTON.

14. Joseph Graffam EASTON, sail-maker, b. 11 Jul 1842 in Camden, ME, d. 13 Sep 1866, buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Hampden, ME. Joseph's Civil War discharge record (see state Archives) says he left the service 6/15/1865 as a single man, after one year of service on Sabine, Ohio, Mahaska, and Ohio, and notes his occupation as sail-maker and residence as Hampden.

He married Lucy A. SMITH (daughter of Daniel Augustus SMITH and Rosanna M. HOPKINS of Hampden), b. 11 Apr 1845/46, d. 18 Jul 1904, buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Hampden, ME. Her gravestone records her as the widow of Joseph G. Easton and Joseph D. Sparrow. Child:

  40 i. Rose Anna EASTON, mentioned in 1865 List of
Men Serving in Civil War

15. Emma A. EASTON, b. 2 Feb 1845, d. 17 Feb 1917. Of Lincolnville at marriage. By the time Arthur Easton was at Tufts dental school, she was a widow residing in Somerville, MA; later removed to Roxbury. She married Willis Emery SMITH (son of Daniel Augustus SMITH and Rosanna M. HOPKINS of Hampden), a fish-cutter in the Boston market, on 17 Aug 1869 in Hampden, ME. He was born on 4 Dec 1847, died on 16 Jan 1911, and was buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in Hampden, ME. Children:

  41 i. Josie SMITH, divorced.
  42 ii. Lois SMITH, may have gone to the West Coast.

16. Thomas Neal EASTON, tinsmith, b. 20 Dec 1852 in Northport, ME, d. 29 Dec 1927 in Bridgton, ME. He married Annie Eliza WITHAM (daughter of Elias Saunders WITHAM and Hannah Caroline HANSON) on 14 Sep 1881. She was born on 26 Dec 1856 in Sebago, ME, and died on 24 Feb 1955 in Bridgton, ME. Children:

  +43 i. Albert T. EASTON.
  +44 ii. Harold Owen EASTON.
  +45 iii. Arthur Witham EASTON.


18. (Charles) Frank E. EASTON, b. 1852, d. 7 Jan 1919 in Camden, ME. In 1880, he worked in the Camden woolen factory. In 1894, he was appointed guardian of his minor children (under 14) Florence Edna Easton and Judson Franklin Easton (no reason given). He married Effie M. SHERMAN (daughter of Cyrus and Sophia SHERMAN) on 15 Jun 1880. She died on 1 Apr 1915 in Camden, ME. Her will named Florence Allen as executrix and named Judson, Ray, and Fay as sons. Children:

  +46 i. Judson Franklin EASTON.
  47 ii. Florence Edna EASTON, b. before 1894. Married James C. Hobbs of Camden on 23 Dec 1903. Later apparently m. ____ Allen (her mother's will named Florence Allen as executrix).
  48 iii. Ray Hooper EASTON, b. 23 Jul 1896. Of Camden, 1915. Of Wollaston, MA, when he married Mildred E. Higgins of Rockland, ME, 23 Sept 1919.
  49 iv. Fay Sherman EASTON, b. 23 Jul 1896. Of Camden, 1915.

19. Georgia K. (Ella Georgeanna) EASTON, b. 22 Jan 1857, d. 5 Feb 1913 in Camden, ME. (She may have been the Georgia Thorndike of Rockport committed 13 Feb 1907 to the insane hospital at Bangor, ME.) She married Franklin S. THORNDIKE (son of Israel and Rebecca THORNDIKE) on 11 Sep 1887. He was born on 22 Sep 1861 in Hope, ME, died on 28 Mar 1927 in Camden, ME, and married second Julia Butler of Appleton, ME. Child:

  50 i. Guy THORNDIKE, d. young.

20. Eveline (Eva) A. EASTON, b. 4 Feb 1846. She was of Camden when she married Frederick Alonzo HERRICK, a mariner also of Camden, on 16 Oct 1866. He was born on 18 Nov 1841 to Rev. George HERRICK and Lycena W. PENDLETON of Camden, and was murdered on 20 Dec 1892 in Mobile, Alabama. Children:

  +51 i. Alice W. HERRICK.
  +52 ii. Fred B. HERRICK.
  +53 iii. Herbert M. HERRICK.
  +54 iv. Charles Jay HERRICK.

21. Edith J. EASTON, b. 24 Jun 1849, d. 5 Mar 1911 in Camden, ME. She was of Camden when she married David GREEN of Camden on 24 Nov 1870. He died in 1927. A David R. Green died in Camden; his will, filed 20 April 1927, mentions one son:

  55 i. Charles F. GREEN, of Roslindale, MA, in 1927

22. Wallace E. EASTON, b. 8 Jun 1855, d. 5 May 1935 in Camden, ME, buried there. He was an employee in the Camden woolen mill at the times of the 1880 and 1890 censuses. He married Lizzie M., who was born in 1862 and died in 1944. She was buried in Camden, ME. Child:

  +56 i. Sadie Louise EASTON.

25. Ellen Delphia FROHOCK, b. 8 Mar 1849 in Lincolnville, ME. She resided in Boston after her marriage to Randall Ellis YOUNG (son of Moses and Charlotte YOUNG) on 9 Jun 1872. They had five children (portraits in Lincolnville records volume), including:

  +57 i. Helen E. YOUNG.

26. Millard M. FROHOCK, b. 3 Feb 1851 in Lincolnville, ME. (A Millard M. Frohock was baptized on 28 May 1928 in Bremen, ME.) He married Ella L. FRENCH on 20 Nov 1872, at the residence of Captain Eben FRENCH. No known children.

27. Sylvanus Everett FROHOCK, b. 1855, d. 13 Aug 1931 in Sanford, ME. He was of Boston when he married Ellen H. HEATON on 8 Apr 1875. Known child:

  +58 i. Horatio Wilbur FROHOCK, MD.

33. Henrietta Amelia FROHOCK, b. 1849. She married Samuel Walter ROGERS on 10 Apr 1867. He was born in 1835 to Elisha ROGERS and Olive DeCROW of Lincolnville, ME. Children:

  59 i. Lena A. ROGERS, b. 1868.
  60 ii. Ada A. ROGERS, b. 1870.
  61 iii. Abbie E. ROGERS, b. 1872.
  62 iv. Carrie ROGERS, b. 1875.
  63 v. Olive ROGERS, b. 1879, was 8 months old in 1880 Lincolnville census, which lists all children here mentioned.

The 1907 Lincolnville census says Henrietta Amelia FROHOCK married (presumably second) a DeBYE in Somerville, MA.

37. Fransina R. FROHOCK, b. 1863. As Fanny, of Lincolnville (see marriage record in "Births, Marriages, Deaths from Rockland Papers"), she married Adelbert CARVER, a Lincolnville farmer, on 17 Dec 1887. Child:

  64 i. Merritt H. CARVER, b. Oct 1892, d. 1962.

38. Alberta (Albertie) Leola FROHOCK, b. Apr 1868, d. 3 Oct 1946 in Union, ME. She married farmer Nathaniel Maxcy HANNAN (son of John Colby HANNAN and Julia OVERLOCK), of Liberty, ME, at the time, on 29 Sep 1889. He was born on 22 Jan 1868 and died on 30 Oct 1921 in Union, ME. Children:

  +65 i. Earl Colby HANNAN.
  +66 ii. Vivian Maxcy HANNAN.
  +67 iii. Bernice Helen HANNAN.
  +68 iv. Ivory Burton HANNAN.
  +69 v. Henrietta F. HANNAN.
  +70 vi. Leola Margarette HANNAN.
  +71 vii. Malcolm Otis HANNAN.

39. Wallace Edwin EASTON, an optometrist, b. 22 Apr 1867, d. before 1953. He married Carrie Antoinette FERNALD in Portland, ME, where they later resided. She was born to David L. FERNALD and Sarah MULLEN on 26 Aug 1869 in Camden, ME, and died, a widow, on 28 Sep 1953 in Portland, ME. Child:

  +72 i. Linwood Wallace EASTON.

43. Albert T. EASTON, b. 2 Jun 1886, d. of diabetes 14 Dec 1916. He was a salesman for Emery Waterhouse in Portland, ME; he "sang in public." He married Nellie Mae MILES on 15 Sep 1909. No known children.

44. Harold Owen EASTON, undertaker and storekeeper, b. 9 Nov 1894 in Bridgton, ME, d. 12 Oct 1966. He married Helen Webb CROSS (daughter of William Webb CROSS 2nd and Olive Alice FRALICK) on 28 Oct 1920. She was born on 18 Jun 1898 in Bridgton, ME, and died on 24 Jan 1968. Children:

  +73 i. Thomas William EASTON Ph.D..
  +74 ii. Miriam Annie EASTON.

45. Arthur Witham EASTON, a dentist, b. 6 Oct 1891, d. 31 Jul 1985 in Medford, OR. He resided in Norway, ME. On 27 May 1917, he married Edith Elinor PARKER, who was born on 6 Sep 1887 in Norway, ME, and died there on 12 Apr 1978. Children:

  +75 i. Elinor EASTON.
  +76 ii. Elizabeth (Betty) EASTON.
  +77 iii. Robert Bruce EASTON.


46. Judson Franklin EASTON, b. 30 Aug 1885 in Warren, ME, d. 1952, buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington, MA. He was of Boston in 1915 and later removed to Arlington. He worked for the gas company. According to his grand-daughter Ellen Yutkins, he converted from Baptist to Catholic on his marriage to Mary Ellen (May) FINN, who was born on ________ and died in 1952. She is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington. They had one child:

  +78 i. John Franklin EASTON.

51. Alice W. HERRICK, b. 29 Nov 1868. She was of Camden when she married Fred E. BROWN on 4 Oct 1887. Children:

  79 i. Frank Easton BROWN, b. 14 Feb 1888, d. 24 Jun 1956, buried Mountain Street Cemetery, Camden, ME. He was a private in WWI.
  80 ii. Hazel E. BROWN, b. 5 Apr 1895, d. 19 Dec 1914 of lobar pneumonia, buried Mountain Street Cemetery, Camden, ME. She was a laborer.

52. Fred B. HERRICK, b. 16 Dec 1877. He married first Sadie WATERMAN (no known children), second widow Bernice (Robbins) BRAY (no known children), and third Bertha J. WILEY (no known children).

53. Herbert M. HERRICK, b. 29 Jun 1879, d. 24 Sep 1953. He married Maude Ethel SPEAR on 4 Oct 1897 and had three sons who removed to NY state; nothing further known.

54. Charles Jay HERRICK, b. 11 Sep 1883, d. 7 Nov 1961. He married Effie Barnes ROBBINS on 24 Mar 1903. Child:

  +81 i. George Malcolm HERRICK.

56. Sadie Louise EASTON, b. 1885, d. 1963, buried in Camden, ME. She was of W. Medford, MA, at her father's death. She married George Francis BACON, who was born in 1888 in Somerville, MA, died in 1969, and was buried in Camden, ME. No known children.

57. Helen E. YOUNG married Charles A. E. LONG on 9 Jun 1892. He was born on 8 Apr 1870 in Boston, MA, the son of Samuel T. LONG and Zeruah F. TITUS. They moved to Matinicus in 1910. He wrote Matinicus Isle, Its Story and Its People in 1926 (includes gen. data on his family). Child:

  82 i. Winfred T. LONG, b. 24 Dec 1893, d. Jun 1981; aviator in WWI; mentioned in his father's book; Social Security Death Benefits list gives his birth as 2/26/1893, says he res. Lincolnville.

58. Horatio Wilbur FROHOCK, MD, b. 1882 in Andover, MA. He has an entry in Brief Biographies of Maine, 1926, p. 101; practiced madicine 1907-16 in S. Thomaston, after 1917 in Rockland. He married Sarah Ethelyn MERRILL of Central Falls, RI, on 15 Jul 1907 in Camden, ME. A schoolteacher, she was born in 1875 in Pawtucket, RI. His father performed the wedding. Children:

  +83 i. Wilbur Merrill FROHOCK Ph.D..
  84 ii. Sylvanus Everett FROHOCK, Jr., b. 3 Sep 1915.

65. Earl Colby HANNAN, b. 17 Dec 1891 in Lincolnville, ME, d. 26 Oct 1962 in Union, ME, of a heart attack at home. He attended Husson business school for one year, went with his father on the meat cart, learned to fish and lobster, worked in the canning factory in Union, helped to build Hills Mills Dam in Union, built and managed his own saw mill, was one of the first in the area to have a hay press and made a business of pressing hay for others, farmed and later had a hen and egg business. He married Donna Isabelle COGGAN, whom he had met while working in the canning factory, on 16 Nov 1912. She was born to Alanson and Ella (Thurston) COGGAN (both descendants of families that had resided in Union for several generations) on 7 Sep 1885 in Union, ME, and died of kidney failure on 7 Dec 1963 at Camden Hospital in Camden, ME. Both are buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Union. (Information from a 18 March 1995 letter by Sharon Hope Lovejoy Reichert Caron.) Children:

  +85 i. Thelma Ethel HANNAN.
  +86 ii. Mildred Leola HANNAN.

66. Vivian Maxcy HANNAN, b. 18 Jul 1893, resided in Union, ME, d. 1969. He married first Harriet M. BILLS, who was born on 9 Mar 1897 in Union, ME, and died in 1922. Children:

  87 i. Dorothea A. HANNAN, b. 9 Apr 1914.
  +88 ii. Edna A. HANNAN.
  +89 iii. Phyllis HANNAN.
  +90 iv. Vivian Maxcy HANNAN Jr..

He married second Estella R. (Dawes or Darres) MORINE, who was born on 12 Jul 1895 and died in 1954. Children:

  +91 i. Stewart E. HANNAN.
  92 ii. Geraldine E. HANNAN, b. 27 Mar 1931.

67. Bernice Helen HANNAN, b. 24 Jun 1894, married Thorold SIMMONS. Child:

  93 i. Madelyn SIMMONS.

68. Ivory Burton HANNAN, b. 16 Feb 1897, resided in Union, ME, d. 13 Apr 1944. He married Marie L. PHILBROOK, who was born on 31 Aug 1898. Children:

  94 i. Norman B. HANNAN, b. 27 Aug 1922, res. Carmel, ME.
  95 ii. Bernard E. HANNAN, b. 19 Dec 1924.
  96 iii. Blanche L. HANNAN, b. 26 Jan 1927.
  97 iv. Robert L. HANNAN, b. 19 Jan 1939.
  98 v. Roger B. HANNAN, b. 21 Mar 1943.

69. Henrietta F. HANNAN, b. 18 Mar 1899, married Daniel M. COLLINS, who was born on 10 Oct 1896. They lived in Union in 1950 but not in 1929. Children:

  +99 i. Nathaniel COLLINS.
  100 ii. Shirley COLLINS died in infancy.

70. Leola Margarette HANNAN, b. 5 Aug 1901, d. 1 Mar 1973. She married Harold A. ORFF on 6 Aug 1921. He was born on 27 Dec 1894 and died on 22 Nov 1977. His niece Eleanor Kennedy (R. 1, Box 1208A, Cooper's Mills, ME 04341) supplied the Orff data. Children:

  +101 i. Velma E. ORFF.
  +102 ii. Vera M. ORFF.
  +103 iii. Althea H. ORFF.
  +104 iv. Roger L. ORFF.

71. Malcolm Otis HANNAN, b. 12 Apr 1903, resided in Union, ME, d. 8 Oct 1963. He married Jennie MILLER, who was born on 26 Feb 1903. Children:

  105 i. Muriel M. HANNAN, b. 19 Mar 1921.
  106 ii. Wilma D. HANNAN, b. 25 Apr 1923, d. 1956, bur. Union.

72. Linwood Wallace EASTON, optometrist, b. 17 May 1892, d. 20 Oct 1939. He lived in Portland, ME; Canal Bank used his paintings on calendars. He married Ada May JOHNSON on 28 May 1918. She was born 24 May 1892 in Portland, ME, and died on 18 May 1988. No known children.

73. Thomas William EASTON, Ph.D., b. 6 Oct 1921 in Bridgton, ME, d. 13 Jul 1987 in Waterville, ME. He was a biologist and worked as a professor at Colby College, Waterville, ME, from 1960 to 1987, when he retired (see the Envoi at the end of this document). (From his obituary [Waterville Morning Sentinel]: "Thomas W. Easton, 65, of Oakland died Monday afternoon at a local hospital, following a brief illness. He was ... a graduate of the University of Maine, receiving his bachelors' degree in 1943 and his master's degree in 1948. He received a Ph.D. from Brown University in 1951.

"He served in the Army in Europe from 1943 to 1946. He taught at Johns Hopkins Medical School from 1951-52, served the U.S. Government as a civilian in Paris and Washington from 1952-1960, and was professor of biology at Colby College from 1960-1987. He retired at the end of May of this year....")

He married Alice Janet BARTLETT, RN, on 5 Sep 1943. She was born to Charles Eben BARTLETT and Elena L. ATWOOD on 22 Nov 1920 in Orono, ME. Children:

  +107 i. Thomas Atwood EASTON, Ph.D..
  108 ii. Walter Charles EASTON, b. 8 Mar 1948 in Bangor, ME; an artist; no marriage, no issue.
  +109 iii. James Colin EASTON.
  +110 iv. Christopher Michael EASTON.

74. Miriam Annie EASTON, b. 1 Dec 1924 in Bridgton, ME, d. of rectal cancer 20 Nov 1962. She married Elmer YEAKEL of Emmaus and Allentown, PA, who was born on 17 Nov 1919. They lived in Allentown, PA, where he died on 1 Feb 1994 of a heart attack (he came home from work, sat down, and keeled over). Children:

  111 i. Harold YEAKEL, b. Nov 1945, d. the same year.
  +112 ii. Donald Harold YEAKEL.
  +113 iii. Richard Curtis YEAKEL.

75. Elinor EASTON, b. 20 Jan 1920 in Norway, ME. She married Harold Nathan IVES, a dentist, on 1 Sep 1949. He was born on 12 Aug 1918. They live in Happy Camp, CA. Children:

  +114 i. Laurel IVES.
  115 ii. Wendy IVES, b. 9 Oct 1954, d. 14 Oct 1954.
  +116 iii. Timothy Duane IVES.
  +117 iv. Kerri IVES.

76. Elizabeth (Betty) EASTON, b. 11 Nov 1921 in Norway, ME, d. 8 Dec 1995. Before her death, she had suffered for years from Crohn's disease and had been hospitalized many times. She married James Patterson ASHBY II, who was born on 8 Oct 1922 in North Carolina. They lived in Palos Verdes, CA. Children:

  118 i. James P. ASHBY III, b. 31 Jul 1947, unmarried, res. San Luis Obispo, CA.
  +119 ii. Jane ASHBY.
  120 iii. Marilyn ASHBY, b. 27 Jan 1951, unmarried, res. Redondo Beach, CA, in 1994.

77. Robert Bruce EASTON, a dentist, b. 6 Aug 1923 in Norway, ME, d. there 5 Apr 1985. He married Dorothy Carolina SCHMIDLIN on 17 Apr 1949. She was born on 31 Aug 1922 in Buffalo, NY, and lived in Norway, ME, in 1995. Children:

  121 i. Jonathan Bruce EASTON, b. 2 Dec 1950, res. Lewiston, ME.
  +122 ii. Emily Ann EASTON.
  +123 iii. Robin Edith EASTON.
  +124 iv. Christopher Arthur EASTON.
  +125 v. William Robert EASTON.
  +126 vi. Mark Richard EASTON.


78. John Franklin EASTON, b. 19 Jun 1912 in Arlington, MA, resided there, d. 3 Jan 1967 (family information supplied by sons John and William and daughter Ellen Yutkins). He married Lesley Ellen REED, of Cambridge, MA, who was born on 11 Apr 1923 in Cambridge, and died on 1 May 1982. Children:

  +127 i. John R. EASTON.
  +128 ii. William EASTON.
  +129 iii. Lesley Elise EASTON.
  +130 iv. Ellen Ann EASTON.

81. George Malcolm HERRICK, b. 13 May 1910 in Rockport, ME, d. 11 Jul 1984. He married first Bessie THOMPKINS. Child:

  131 i. Jeanne Marilyn HERRICK, b. 5 Jul 1935, d. of leukemia 21 Aug 1951 in Bangor, ME.

He married second Ruth Elizabeth DRINKWATER on 9 Sep 1947. Child:

  +132 i. Charles Gene HERRICK.

83. Wilbur Merrill FROHOCK, Ph.D., b. 25 Jun 1908 in South Thomaston, ME. He was dead by 1984. A French scholar, author, Harvard professor, he lived in Cambridge, MA; his entries in Who's Who in America to 1980-81 (none in 1984-85 [1982-83 edition not available]) mention his wife and daughters. He married Natalie BARRINGTON on 16 Aug 1938. Children:

  133 i. Natalie FROHOCK.
  134 ii. Sarah FROHOCK.

85. Thelma Ethel HANNAN, b. 24 May 1915 in Union, ME, d. of bone cancer 14 Oct 1988 in Pen-Bay Medical Center in Rockport, ME. She graduated from Union High School in 1933 (the first graduating class from the new school) and worked at summer camps cooking here in the area. She also cooked for Camden Hospital, worked in the Camden woolen mill, had her own hot dog stand which she took to all the fairs, worked in G. Fox and Co. in Hartford, CT, in the tube room counting money, and later worked in Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, Hartford, as a cafeteria supervisor. She was an excellent cook and loved to dance and travel.

On 11 Oct. 1952 in Camden, she married Charles Scott KNIGHT, who was born on 31 Jan 1915 in Malden, MA, to Lindley and Ruth Knight of Lincolnville. He was a farmer and had been married before; his first wife had died of complications from diabetes. They moved to Bath and he worked at Bath Iron Works, later he was able to secure a job at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft-Hartford as a lathe operator. After his death on 10 Dec 1966 of a brain tumor at St. Frances Hospital-Hartford, CT, she moved back to Union to live with her sister Mildred. Both are buried Common Cemetery in Union. (Information from a 18 March 1995 letter by Sharon Hope Lovejoy Reichert Caron.) No known children.

86. Mildred Leola (after her grandmother) HANNAN, b. 14 Sep 1918 in Union, ME, was a premature baby and very sick as a child. She attended the Hawes one room school but was unable to graduate. She worked in the factory and woolen mill but never was very well. She lived all her life in the same house she was born in, and died in that very house Jan. 7, 1995. She was an active volunteer in The Union Methodist Church and Thompson Community Center; as well as being an active member of the Extension, Historical Society, Senior Citizens, RSVP, United Methodist Women and attended Meals on Wheels. She was very social, loved to talk, play cards and just be with people. She married Harry (Pete) Wilson LOVEJOY on 24 Jan 1948. The son of Harry and Lula (Butler) Lovejoy, he was born on 14 Sep 1913 in Appleton, ME, and served in the U.S. Army during WWII. Upon returning from the service he worked for a trucking firm driving and maintaining diesel trucks. He died of leukemia 8 June 1951 at the VA Hospital in Togus, ME. Both are buried in Common Cemetery in Union. (Information from a 18 March 1995 letter by Sharon Hope Lovejoy Reichert Caron.) Child:

  +135 i. Sharon Hope LOVEJOY.

88. Edna A. HANNAN, b. 11 Jul 1915, married Algy Chester LINSCOTT. No known children.

89. Phyllis HANNAN, b. 15 Oct 1918, married Kenneth Lester CRABTREE on 28 Apr 1939 in Union, ME. She lived in China, ME, in 1995. No known children.

90. Vivian Maxcy HANNAN, Jr., b. 8 Nov 1920, married Alberta C. SWETT. No known children.

91. Stewart E. HANNAN, b. 10 Jan 1926, married Virginia E. WINSLOW. No known children.

99. Nathaniel COLLINS (removed to Nevada) married Almeda BRAGG. Children:

  136 i. Janet COLLINS.
  137 ii. Harry COLLINS.
  138 iii. Dale COLLINS.

101. Velma E. ORFF, b. 2 Jul 1930, married William F. REILLY, Jr., who died on 19 Mar 1995. Children:

  +139 i. Martha L. REILLY.
  140 ii. Michael Harold REILLY, b. 26 Dec 1955; not m. by 1995.
  +141 iii. William Sweeney REILLY.

102. Vera M. ORFF, b. 14 Dec 1932, married Richard DYER. Children:

  142 i. Jeffrey DYER.
  143 ii. Lynn DYER.

103. Althea H. ORFF, b. 10 Dec 1934 and died in Oct 1987. She married Robert BRILYEA. Children:

  +144 i. Gordon F. ORFF.
  +145 ii. Tina M. BRILYEA.
  +146 iii. Daniel F. BRILYEA.

104. Roger L. ORF, b. 14 Nov 1944, married Bonnie RALPH on 10 Jan 1965. Children:

  147 i. Randall ORFF, b. 2 Mar 1968.
  148 ii. Greggory ORFF, b. Mar 1969.

107. Thomas Atwood EASTON, Ph.D., b. 17 Jul 1944. He holds a doctorate in theoretical biology from the University of Chicago and teaches at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. His work on scientific and futuristic issues has appeared in many magazines, from Astronomy to Consumer Reports and Robotics Age. His books include biology texts and books on careers in science, the privatization of social services, entrepreneurs, and consultants. His 1995 title was Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Science, Technology, and Society (Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing Group).

Dr. Easton is also a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and a well-known science fiction critic, with a monthly book review column in the SF magazine Analog ever since 1979. His novels include Sparrowhawk (Ace, 1990), Greenhouse (Ace, 1991), Woodsman (Ace, 1992), Tower of the Gods (Ace, 1993), and Seeds of Destiny (Ace, 1994). The first two were optioned for filming.

He married Elizabeth Susan NELSON (daughter of Joseph Peter NELSON [name changed from METNITZKY] and Rita Pearl JASPER) on 13 Jun 1967 of (and in) Chappaqua, NY. She was born on 28 Jun 1945 in Fort Knox, KY. She is a psychiatric social worker. Child:

  149 i. Joellen EASTON, b. 19 Dec 1977 in Waterville, ME. High school valedictorian, began at Tufts U. in 1995.

109. James Colin EASTON, forester and carpenter, b. 18 Sep 1951 in Baltimore, MD. He married first Brenda BRAGDON; no children. He married second Melissa EVERS. Children:

  150 i. Caleb EASTON, b. 18 May 1983 in Waterville, ME.
  151 ii. Miriam EASTON, b. on 27 Nov 1985 in Waterville, ME.

110. Christopher Michael EASTON, biologist, b. 27 Aug 1961 in Waterville, ME, married Patti MENZ, who was born in St. Louis. Children:

  152 i. Thomas Leo EASTON, b. 6 Feb 1993 in Ithaca, NY.
  153 ii. Robert Michael EASTON, b. 18 Sep 1994 in Ithaca, NY.

112. Donald Harold YEAKEL, a teacher, b. 14 Apr 1947. He married Darlene A. FRANTZ on 16 Jun 1994. She was born on 18 May 1948. No children.

113. Richard Curtis YEAKEL, b. 15 Nov 1949, lives in Allentown, PA. He married Shirley BOGERT, who was born on 18 Sep 1950. Children:

  154 i. Richard YEAKEL, Jr., b. 1 Oct 1977.
  155 ii. Lori YEAKEL, b. 8 Jan 1979.
  156 iii. Brian YEAKEL, b. 17 Nov 1982.

114. Laurel IVES, b. 12 Dec 1952 in Santa Rosa, CA, married David Melville LEEPER on 2 Dec 1972. He was born on 7 May 1945. Children:

  157 i. Daniel Nathan LEEPER, b. 13 Oct 1973.
  158 ii. David Martin LEEPER, b. 21 Aug 1974.
  159 iii. Jacob Scott LEEPER, b. 9 Sep 1976.
  160 iv. Ryan Arthur LEEPER, b. 26 Jun 1978.
  161 v. Abraham Harold LEEPER, b. 25 Apr 1981.

116. Timothy Duane IVES (adopted), b. 6 Jul 1957 in San Francisco, lives in Redding, CA. He married first Pamela Marie BROWN on 24 May 1981. She was born on 1 Jan 1960. Children:

  162 i. Timothy Nathan IVES, b. 4 Apr 1982.
  163 ii. Melissa Diane IVES, b. 2 Mar 1984.

He married second Sandra DICKINSON on 6 Jun 1994. No known children.

117. Kerri IVES (adopted), b. 12 Jan 1959 in San Francisco, lives in St. Louis, MO. She married Frederick BONASCH on 14 Sep 1985. He was born on 2 Mar 1959. Child:

  164 i. Matthew Erik BONASCH, b. 23 Mar 1993.

119. Jane ASHBY, b. 14 May 1949, married Monsoor BARJESTEH on 7 Mar 1970. Children:

  165 i. Lisa BARJESTEH, b. 1969 in California.
  166 ii. Kamran BARJESTEH, b. 1972 in Iran.
  167 iii. Elehna BARJESTEH, b. 1980 in Iran.

122. Emily Ann EASTON, b. 11 Dec 1952 in Lewiston, ME, lives in Portland, ME. She married Wayne THOMPSON on 5 Jun 1994. No known children.

123. Robin Edith EASTON, b. 7 Dec 1953 in Lewiston, ME. She married Anthony J. WIELAND on 8 Jan 1979 (divorced). No known children.

124. Christopher Arthur EASTON, a teacher, b. 16 May 1956. He lives in Waterford, ME. He married Paula JOHNSON. Child:

  168 i. Aaron EASTON, b. 8 Sep 1981.

125. William Robert EASTON, an osteopath in Bridgton, ME, b. 28 Dec 1957. He married Gail S. EDGERLY on 26 Dec 1984. She was born on 1 Mar 1959 in Newton, MA. Children:

  169 i. Lukas Larrabee EASTON, b. 26 Feb 1992.
  170 ii. Jakob Hunter EASTON, b. 3 Dec 1994 in Bridgton, ME.

126. Mark Richard EASTON, b. 30 Sep 1959, lives in Staceyville, ME. He married Donna A. CHASE on 14 Feb 1984. No known children.


127. John R. EASTON, a real estate appraiser, b. 1 Mar 1951 in Arlington, MA. He lives in Winchester, MA. He married Deborah Ann Mills on 14 Oct 1978. She was born in 1958 and died on 7 Jun 1995. She is buried in Mount Pleasant Cem., Arlington. No children.

128. William EASTON, b. 26 Feb 1964 in Arlington, MA; m. 12 Oct 1996 Virginia Ellsworth of Framingham; res. Arlington, MA; 617-648-3557

129. Lesley Elise EASTON, b. 21 Jan 1957, married John SULLIVAN on 19 Sept 1981 . Children:

  171 i. Colleen SULLIVAN, b. 16 Mar 1984.
  172 ii. Keith SULLIVAN, b. 17 Mar 1987.

130. Ellen Ann EASTON (132 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, MA 02176 [617-665-7316]), b. 4 Jul 1954. She married Joseph Peter YUTKINS on 4 Jun 1978. He was born on 11 Jun 1954. Children:

  173 i. Karen Lee YUTKINS, b. 5 May 1979.
  174 ii. Joseph Peter YUTKINS, b. 11 Sep 1980.
  175 iii. Jason Reed YUTKINS, b. 5 Aug 1982.

132. Charles Gene HERRICK (source of Herrick data), b. 17 Jan 1952, lives in Northport, ME. He married Joan Robin POND, who was born on 7 Apr 1953. No children.

135. Sharon Hope LOVEJOY (Rt. 2, Box 8120, Union, ME 04862, 207-785-2646), living in 1995, kindly provided much Hannan information. Her first husband was a REICHERT, her second Dom CARON. She has one son.

139. Martha L. REILLY, b. 15 Dec 1952, married David COWAN. Children:

  176 i. Shawn COWAN.
  177 ii. Carrie COWAN.

141. William Sweeney REILLY, b. 5 Oct 1958, married Deborah FARRIN. Children:

  178 i. Michelle REILLY.
  179 ii. Brandon REILLY.

144. Gordon F. ORFF, b. 2 Aug 1957. His wife is not known. He has had one child:

  180 i. Alexandria ORFF, born 18 Feb 1989.

145. Tina M. BRILYEA, b. 17 Aug 1961, married first Roland A. GENTHNER II and had one child:

  181 i. Richard GENTHNER.

She married second an EASTMAN and had one child:

  182 i. Emily EASTMAN, b. 18 Mar 1989.

146. Daniel F. BRILYEA, b. 27 Nov 1964, married Deirdre PARLIN and had one child:

  183 i. Derek BRILYEA.