Term papers:
Ten to fifteen pages in length, typed, double-spaced, standard format, unless otherwise specified in your syllabus.

Extra-credit papers:
Three to five pages in length, typed, double-spaced, standard format.

In both cases:
Papers should have at least 6-8 current references (preferably more), all of which should be cited in the body of the paper, and all of which should be listed at the end of the paper. URLs must be accompanied by title, author, and dates of preparation and/or access of the Web pages they refer to. You should use the MLA format for references (including URLs).

Any use of the wording in one of your sources longer than three words (other than names of people, events, theories, and processes) must be treated as a quotation. Use quotation marks and cite your source (citations go within your punctuation). Quotations should not add up to more than a tenth of your paper (that is, stringing quotations together is not the same thing as writing a paper).

Be warned that plagiarism is a serious charge.

Descriptive papers are acceptable, but analytical papers with original content make a much stronger impression.