CS115: Introduction to Computer Applications SPRING 2014
CS119: Introduction to Systems Engineering Using Robotics SPRING 2013
CS125: Databases (Introductory)
CS215: Databases FALL 2011
CS216: Data Structures FALL 2010
CS217: Software Development I (COBOL) FALL 2008
CS321: Systems Engineering I (Systems Analysis) SPRING 2012
CS330: Computer Design & Architecture SPRING 2011 Directed Study
CS332: Hardware & Software Concepts SPRING 2009
CS350: Multimedia Development SPRING 2007
CS440: Operating Systems SPRING 2010
CS444: Emerging Technologies   
CS449: Topics in Computer Information Systems: Incident Response and Disaster Recovery SPRING 2007
CT551: Technology and Society  SPRING 2011 GRAD
CT554: Legal & Ethical Dimensions of Technology SPRING 2005 GRAD
MS240: Discrete Mathematics SPRING 2014
SC201: Environmentalism: History, Philosophy, and Ethics SPRING 2013
SC204: Ecology
SC210: Science and Technology in Society CED Summer II 2012
SC210: Science and Technology in Society FALL 2013
SC216: Anthropology SPRING 2012 CED
SC216: Anthropology SPRING 2014 DAY
SC223: Environmental Issues SPRING 2014
SC319: Environmental Science SUMMER II 2003 CED
SC321: Anatomy and Physiology
SC330: Physics FALL 2013